Goat Cheese
Farmstead goat cheese including both raw milk aged and fresh chevre along with feta and Farmers Cheese.
In 2011, we began the construction of our creamery. We had previously been breeding dairy goats, along with meat goats, for sixteen years and had been selling breeding stock, utilizing the milk for ourselves and making goat's milk soap. This is a new direction and opportunity for us to become profitable and allow opportunities for a new generation of farmers though our children and grandchildren.  Our dairy is a farmstead operation which means that we own our own Nubian goats, we hand milk them daily and we make our cheese on-site on our farm using only the milk from our goats.

In 2012, we began making our first raw milk aged farmstead goat's milk cheeses, using only milk from our Nubian herds, in our new creamery which was constructed inside one of our goat pastures. These cheeses are aged from two to eight months in both natural rinds and waxed rinds. In October, 2012, we earned our Grade B dairy license for the manufacture and sale of raw milk aged cheeses. In February 2013, we installed a 30 gallon pasteurizer in our creamery. NC dairy inspectors certified our new pasteurizer in March 2013 and we began making fresh chevres including feta and Farmers Cheese.

All of our farmstead goat milk cheeses are available for purchase in our Farm Store, which is located on the top floor above our creamery, and at local markets. We encourage you to visit our farm, see the girls, sample and talk cheese!
Our Family
(Left to Right) Gavin, Erin, Tanner, Robin, Johnny, Erin, Ellie, Andy

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