Our chickens are raised outdoors with access to both open and enclosed shelters where they choose to roam or rest in the shade while enjoying fresh air, sunlight, forage and exercise. They are provided well water and supplemented with laying pellets and scratch grains.

Our layers are Golden Buffs which are also known as Golden Comets, Golden Sex Links, Cinnamon Queens or Red Stars. This hybrid strain is a leader in the brown egg market. They lay large eggs and have a quiet temperament. They have a single comb, are cold tolerant and do well in confinement or free range. The average weight for hens is 4 pounds.

We also utilize some chicken tractors which allow a penned type of pastured free ranging along with shelter, allowing chickens fresh forage such as grass, weeds and bugs, which widens their diet and lowers their feed needs. Unlike fixed coops, chicken tractors do not have floors so there is no need to clean them out. They echo a natural, symbiotic cycle of foraging through which the birds eat down vegetation, deposit fertilizing manure, then go on to a new area.

The term chicken tractor comes from the chickens performing many functions normally performed using a modern farm tractor: functions like digging and weeding the soil in preparation for planting trees or crops or fertilizing and weeding to enhance the growth of crops and trees already planted.

With chicken tractors, flock owners can raise poultry in an extensive environment wherein the birds have access to fresh air, sunlight, forage and exercise too, which caged birds in commercial coops do not have. With the coop on only a small area at any given time, the field (or lawn) has time to regrow and more birds can be fed than if they were caged. A chicken tractor also gives shelter from predators and weather. The hens also lay eggs in nest boxes rather than hiding them in foliage.

Eggshells, from the eggs which are eaten by our family, are used in our Nitty-Gritty goat's milk soap- - an extra- powerful hand scrubbing soap. They are washed and dried and ground into powder and function much like pumice. This soap is great for gardeners or artists.

Our chickens are pasture raised and supplemented with laying pellets and scratch grains.  Our poultry is taken to Foothills Pilot Plant, LLC in Marion, NC for processing. The chicken is USDA inspected and it is available for purchase in our Farm Store. It is vacuum sealed, labeled and frozen by our processor. Packages are sold by weight and package weight will vary.
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