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There were only two types of wild cattle in prehistoric times. There were the Aurochs of Europe and the Zebu of Asia, India and Africa.

Early stockmen learned they could improve on certain traits if they mated animals with desired characteristics. Some wanted better milk producers while others wanted bigger, stronger animals to pull carts. When cattle were no longer needed to pull carts, they were improved to create beef animals.

Soon stockmen raising certain types of cattle created registries and formed organizations to develop standards and rules that breeders must follow when selecting their animals. Thus, the characteristics of each breed were established and standardized.

Today there are many beef breeds with different characteristics in size, muscling, milking ability, calf size, carcass traits (lean or fat), weather tolerance, hair color, markings, etc. Some have horns and others are polled (hornless). Many modern breeds are mixes of early imported breeds.

At our farm, we produce Hereford/Black Angus Crosses from the British cattle breeds Hereford and Aberdeen Angus. Herefords have a red body; white face, feet, belly, flanks, crest, and tail switch; large frame and good "bone." Their bones are heavier than many breeds. Angus are black cattle (occasionally a spot of white at rear of belly) and genetically polled. Angus calve easily, are popular for meat quality, fast finishing, lack of horns and maternal qualities.
Our beef cattle are taken to a local meat processor, M. L. Mitchell & Son Meat Processing in Walnut Cove, NC for processing. Our meat is USDA inspected and it is available for purchase in our Farm Store. It is vacuum sealed, labeled and frozen by our processor in portion quantities per package. For example, there is usually one steak per package and our hamburger is in one pound packages. Packages are sold by weight and package weight will vary slightly.

Our beef cattle are raised on grass only with free choice minerals provided. Any hay they receive, only if grass is covered by snow, is grown on our farm using no sprays or commercial fertilizers.
2015 Beef Quality Assurance & Beef Cattle Care Training Cow/Calf Certified
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