Ourp are a mixture of Katahdin, Dorper and Painted Desert sheep.  Katahdins became a breed in 1987, Painted Deserts in 1997; and, Dorper sheep in the 1930’s.  Our crosses have wild and colorful markings - everything from beige to a solid white to a combination of black/brown/white along with some black/white and brown/white.  You also benefit from no shearing and tail docking while they can be used for land management too!  They are excellent converters of a wide range of forage types and they excel in grazing.  Our sheep are a medium size breed with good flocking instinct and are docile.

The hair coat of the Katahdin cross sheep varies in length and texture among individuals.  Their hair generally consists of coarse outer hair fibers and an undercoat of fine wooly fibers that becomes very thick and longer when cold weather sets in and day length decreases. This undercoat and some hair naturally sheds as temperature and day length increase seasonally, leaving a shorter, smooth summer coat.

Katahdin crosses are highly adaptable and do well in harsh, extensive conditions as well as can easily be managed to produce three lamb crops in two years. They are very fertile and prolific. The ewes are excellent mothers and heavy milkers. Their lambs are vigorous, alert and have high survivability.  They are ideal for pasture lambing. 

They are non-seasonal or have an extended breeding season. Lambing rates of 200% can be achieved per lambing on well managed flocks. These sheep are early maturing and will produce a lamb crop at one year of age.

Studies indicate that these sheep are better able to deal with a parasite burden.  Our breeding ewes are normally dewormed every two to three years.  Ewes needing more frequent deworming are culled.

Our sheep are pasture raised and supplemented with grain and minerals. Hay for the winter months is grown on our farm using no sprays or commercial fertilizers.

Lambs produce a high quality, well-muscled carcass that is naturally lean and consistently offers a very mild flavor.  Lambs are comparable to other medium-sized maternal breeds in growth and cutability.  Lambs are desirable for specialty markets at a variety of ages and weights.  Wethers are appropriate for conventional North American markets at 95 to 115 pounds.

Our lambs are taken to a local meat processor, Vealco in Madison, NC, for processing. Our meat is USDA inspected and it is available for purchase in our Farm Store. It is vacuum sealed, labeled and frozen by our processor in portion quantities per package. Packages are sold by weight and package weight will vary slightly.  We do not offer whole, halves or quarter cuts of lamb.
Please read our LIVESTOCK POLICY

From time to time, we have breeding stock available.

Breeding ram lambs (ages 2-5 months): $150
Breeding ram lambs (ages 6-12 months): $220
Ewe lambs (ages 2-5 months): $150
Ewe lambs (ages 6-12 months, exposed to herd ram): $220

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