Dairy goat farm located on 34 acres in the Piedmont region of North Carolina in Germanton, NC.
Buffalo Creek is located in one of the last predominantly agricultural areas in Forsyth County, which contains Forsyth County's only commercial cow dairy (Buffalo Creek Dairy) and our goat dairy. Our area was adopted into Forsyth County's Voluntary Agricultural District in 2008.

In 2011, we began construction of our handicap accessible Farm Store and creamery. In the Farm Store, located on the top floor, is where our farmstead goat's milk cheese and farmstead meats are sold along with our pastured eggs, goat’s milk soap and other local North Carolina products. This is also the place where you can view a video tour of cheese production in the creamery, our farm, farm products, and livestock (dairy goats, sheep, cattle, and our livestock guardians llamas). We became a licensed farmstead Grade B goat dairy in 2012 producing both aged raw milk and fresh chevres.

During its lifetime, Buffalo Creek Farm has been a cow dairy farm and a fish farm. Today, it is a Nubian diary goat farm with a few Katahdin Cross Hair Sheep and Hereford/Angus Cross cattle. Pasture raised hogs will be added to our mix in the future.
Buffalo Creek bisects our farm and flows to the Dan River.

The stream is home to Riverweed Darter, Etheostoma podostemone. They have large pectoral fins, high dorsal fins, eyes almost on top of head, rounded tail fin, elongated body, blunt nose and terminal mouth, "XW" shaped blotches or evenly spaced spots on side of body, dorsal and tail fins yellow with light orange spots, lower fins dark, and green and yellow body. They live in streams and rivers with clean, loose boulders, rubble and gravel in swift runs and riffles in the Dan River watershed. They eat insects, mites, snails and fish eggs. Eggs are adhesive and laid in clusters under rocks.
Since purchasing the farm in 1992, we have been featured in these news articles.

As you round the curve into Germanton, you see our farm. Our 34-acre farm was originally a portion of a former civil war plantation that grew tobacco in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

The original plantation house stands in the town of Germanton, North Carolina overlooking the valley and within sight of our farm today.
Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, LLC
Farmstead Goat Dairy
3255 Buffalo Creek Farm Road
Germanton, NC 27019