Reference Bucks
Previously owned bucks used in our breeding program.
Junior Does
Does under 24 months that have never freshened.
Herd Sires
Currently owned bucks used in our breeding program.
Senior Does
Does that have freshened.
Summer Ridge RD Rainstorm
Orange With White Ears and White Spots
Born 03/22/08

Sire-HAF-Hidden-Acres Raindancer *B
SS-HAF-Hidden-Acres CHBB Martin +*B
SD-HAF-Hidden-Acres Rainey-Dey AI 2*M
Dam-Mountaindale Jerico Sherbert
DS-Lakeshore-Farms Foxy Jericho *B
DD-Mountaindale Strawberry

Connemara Farms Turner
Black; White Frost & Crown; Frosted Ears & Muzzle
Born 04/13/09

Sire-Reedy Fork Creek's Thunder
SS-Connemara Farms Theo
SD-Connemara Farms Tapestry
Dam-Connemara Farms Trinity
DS-Connemara Farms Charlie
DD-Connemara Farms Thistle

The bucks listed have been previously owned and used in our breeding program.
CH Connemara Farms Tristan
Black; White Spots; Frosted Ears & Muzzle; Brown Stockings
Born 03/31/07
Sire-Connemara Farms Charlie
SS-Mojo's Treasure
SD-Connemara Farms Tapestry
Dam-Connemara Farms Thistle
DS-Longman's Treasure Island *B
DD-Connemara Farms Twinkle

Pruittville's A/P Armageddon
Black; White Ears, Crown and Splash
Born 04/03/12

Sire-CH Pruittville’s Apollo
SS-Pruittville’s L/M Triumph
SD-SGCH Pruittville’s Honeysuckle
Dam-GCH Pruittville’s Posie’s Promise 2*M
DS-Kastdemur’s Next Expedition ++*B
DD-GCH Pruittville’s Pretty Posie 1*M

Flynn is smoothly blended, correct, has upright pasterns, smooth shoulders, is long bodied, with good depth throughout. He is wide and strong, yet dairy.  Both sire and dam are finished Champions.  His dam, GCH Pruittville’s Posie’s Promise milked out on milk test with 13.2 lbs. of milk earning her milk star in 2012 and scored 91VEEE as a 3 year old while his sire, CH Pruittville's Apollo, scored 91EEE as a 4 year old.
Hoanbu LR Morning Rush
Broken Strawberry Blonde; White Ears, Cap & Muzzle
Born 02/01/14

Sire-Lakeshore No Need To Rush
SS-Lakeshore Bold Endeavor *B
SD-Lakeshore Ace Risque 6*M
Dam-SGCH Hoanbu Stripes Caravelle Misty 1*M
DS-Hoanbu Tamoon Broad Stripes +*B
DD-Hoanbu OJ Croix Caravelle
Hoanbu KFE Thunderstruck *B
Broken Strawberry Blonde; White Ears, Cap & Muzzle
Born 04/23/10

Sire-GCH Kastdemur's Free and Easy +*B
SS-Kastdemur's Full Disclosure ++*B
SD-Kastdemur's Breeze 4*M
Dam-SG Hoanbu EXOD Summer Secret 2*M
DS-SG Lakeshore EX Summer Exodus +*B
DD-SG Hoanbu Status Diamond Trinket 1*M

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