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Our farm was featured in a TWC News segment on November 23, 2016

NC's Growing Agritourism Industry Prepares for the Holiday Season
By Nana- Sentuo Bonsu

FORSYTH COUNTY -- Farmer Johnny Blakley owns Buffalo Creak Farm and Creamery in Germanton. He's preparing for the third annual small business holiday market this Saturday in Forsyth County.

"It's a good way to help women or men that have a small craft business that's along the line that you would never see in a big box store. And get the product out to the public. It helps the public find the stuff," said Blakley.

His farm is teaming up with Plum Granny Farm to give customers a variety of goods to choose from.

City leaders say agritourism is a big part of North Carolina's $84 billion agriculture economy, especially during the holidays. Marcheta Keefer says local farms are the center of dining in the region.

"So many of our visitors, vacationers and convention goers extend their experience, their leisure or their convention experience by dining. Many of those locally owned and operated chefs and proprietors honor and buy their produce from the local farmers."

Local farmers like Blakley's, who opens up his farm not only for markets but for education as well.

"We have home school groups that come out, we have scout groups, we have garden clubs, there was a group here awhile back called 'The Food Club,'" said Blakley.

Whether you want to learn how goat cheese is made or buy goat cheese, Blakley asks for everyone to come out and support the community because when you're shopping small and local, you're impacting your community.

The holiday market starts at 10 a.m. Saturday at the two farms, one's in Germanton and one's outside of King.