Common Name: Miniature Cattle - Zebu
Other Common Name(s): Nadudana Cattle
Scientific Name: Bos indicus (Full Taxonomy)
Group: Miniature Cattle
Origin or Range: Asia
Relative Size: Smaller Than Average
Average Lifespan: 17 years
Behavior & Compatibility: Average
Animal Category: Mammals ยป Cattle

Animal Description:
Miniature Zebu Cattle are well known for being gentle, intelligent and relatively easy to raise! Zebu Cattle are docile, and have great temperaments, in addition they are quite hardy. Miniature Zebu Cattle readily take to bottle feeding, which can be a great experience both for your Mini-Zebu and your entire family! Baby Zebu Cattle are simply adorable, and can be described as fawn-like. They are slow to mature into adulthood. In general they are easy to care for. They do not seem to have any special requirements and will sleep quite readily on a bed of straw. They are generally housed in barns, and they generally do not require extra heat, even in freezing temperatures. In addition they are reported to do quite well in warm temperatures, in fact it is said they love the heat! This may be because they are a tropical species and have adapted to the warm climates in which they originally lived. Feeding is not difficult, though what to feed will vary according to the season. In winter months hay will be readily accepted. For the rest of the year grasses are enjoyed regularly. Horse or cattle feed can also be used. In addition to their main diets, treats of grain may be given, though they should only be given sparingly. Salt blocks and fresh water are also a must.

Miniature Zebu Cattle can best be described as exotic. These beautiful miniature cattle are striking! The characteristic hump of the larger Zebu Cattle is not lost on the miniature! The hump of the female is less pronounced than that of the male. They are basically scaled down versions of the larger Zebu. To be classified as a miniature males they should not weight more than 600 pounds at maturity. Females should weigh less than males. They should also not reach more than 42 inches at the shoulders. Miniature Zebu Cattle have long whip-like tails and have fairly short horns. Their sleek coats are dense and short. They may be accepted in a variety of colors including, gray, near-white, spotted, black or red.

All Zebu Cattle originated in India. The Zebu is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world, dating as far back as 3000 BC! Miniature Zebu are also referred to as "Nadudana Cattle" which is "small cattle" in Hindu.

Miniature Zebu Cattle have very good resistance to internal and external parasites, heat, and humidity. They are extremely hardy. They do not need any regular vaccinations and are reported to be easy to de-worm.

Zebus can breed after roughly a year and a half of life. They mate year round, and the females cycle every three weeks. Males might be a little aggressive during the mating season. Miniature Zebu Cattle have relatively easy time giving birth, though fertility problems have been reported due to a relatively small genetic base.

It has been reported that cold winter conditions are hard on new calves. Although many Miniature Zebus currently live in northern climates, they should and have access to heated barns, especially in the first weeks of life.
Lazy 5 Ranch Carl, Herd Sire (DOB 8/5/05)
Foundation Pure Miniature Zebu
Sadler Place Bella, Heifer (DOB 4/15/08)
Foundation Pure Miniature Zebu
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