Our customers enjoy coming to the farm to make their purchases so that they can watch the animals whose pastures surround the store. These are the same animals from which we get the milk to make the cheese and soap and the meat for our freezers. Visitors often bring friends and family to show off where they shop locally. While our farm is only a few miles from Winston-Salem, that trip doesn't always fit in everyone's schedule which is why our cheeses are also available locally.

In the summer of 2012, we began making our first raw goat's milk aged farmstead cheeses, using only milk from our herd, in our new creamery. These cheeses are aged from two to eight months in both natural rinds and waxed rinds. In October 2012, we received our Grade B Goat Dairy license and began selling our goat's milk cheeses in the farm store. In March 2013, we began making fresh chevres (soft goat cheese, available plain or flavored), feta (available brined or marinated) and farmers cheese (available plain or flavored).  In April 2014, we began making queso fresco, a fresh Mexican cheese.

"Farmstead cheese" means cheese made only with the milk produced on the same farm. Our goats are milked once daily. We process the milk in small batches and the cheese is made by hand using traditional cheese-making techniques that date back hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. The entire process takes place in the creamery, which is just below our Farm Store. The recipes we use are adapted from traditional recipes

As a farmstead cheese makers, we are involved in every aspect of animal husbandry: diet, treatment of illnesses, breeding, etc. and in every aspect of cheese making: milking, processing the milk, adding cultures and rennett, cutting curds, molding and pressing the cheese to remove whey, air drying, waxing and aging the cheese.

Cheese lovers talk about the unique flavor characteristics they find only in farmstead cheese. The flavor of raw milk aged cheese is largely the result of the particular combination of bacteria present in the milk in the aging cheese. Our approach is similar to those that have proven successful for centuries. We focus our efforts on strict procedures to maintain the desired balance of bacteria all the way through the cheesemaking process. Because farmstead cheeses are made in a specific place, they tend to develop unique flavor profiles based on the feed the goats receive, the climate in which they are made, and the natural microbes in the air where they are aged.

The milk used in the fresh chevres, feta, farmers, and queso fresco cheese has been pasteurized in the creamery. These cheeses too tend to develop unique flavor profiles based on the feed the goats receive and the climate in which they are made. Our fresh chevre and farmers cheese may be plain or paired with herbs, covered in black pepper, etc. and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The feta is both brined or marinated.
Johnny, the cheesemaker, has taken the following cheesemaking courses:

- NC State's 6th Annual Farmstead Cheesemaking Short Course, Raleigh, NC 
- OakMoon's Beginning Cheesemaking Class, Bakersville, NC 
- Elodie Farms Cheesemaking Class, Rougemont, NC 
- Goat Lady Dairy's Essential Elements for Successful Farmstead Cheesemaking, Climax, NC
- American Cheese Society's Fest of Cheese, Raleigh, NC 
- Piedmont Farm School's Artisan Cheese Workshop, Statesville, NC
- Sullivan’s Pond Farm’s Beginning Cheesemaking & Microcreamery Design, Asheville, NC
- Standing Stone Farms’ Hands on Cheesemaking, Asheville, NC
- Neville McNaughton’s Cheesemaking with “Dr. Cheese”, Asheville, NC

We have also visited with Paradox Farm, Prodigal Farm, Sleepy Goat Farm, Round Mountain Creamery, Split Creek Dairy, In The Red Farm and Dairy, Kilby Family Farms, Goat Lady Dairy, Heritage Homestead, Holton Hollow, Ripshin Dairy, Mountain Farm, Celebrity Dairy, Elodie Farms, Spinning Spider Creamery, Nature’s Sunrise Goat Dairy, Wholesome Country Creamery, Fading D Farm.
We also make direct sales to chefs in area restaurants featuring local artisan cheeses.

Contact us at to receive information on purchasing our farmstead goat milk cheese for your establishment, including wholesale price list.
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