In the summer of 2012, we began making our first raw milk aged farmstead cheeses, using only milk from our herd, in our new creamery. These cheeses are aged from two to eight months in both natural rinds and waxed rinds. In October 2012, we received our Grade B Goat Dairy license and began selling our goat's milk cheeses in the farm store. In March 2013, we began making fresh chevres (soft goat cheese, available plain or flavored), feta (available brined or marinated) and farmers cheese (available plain or flavored).

With its own mountain range - the Sauratown Mountains - which encompasses 58 miles of the Dan River, an award-winning state park, cascading waterfalls and miles of trails, Stokes County provides daily inspiration for artists. Its towns - Danbury, Germanton, King and Walnut Cove - have a big appetite for the arts, and the artists often try to capture the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Just 20 miles north of Winston-Salem, Danbury and the surrounding area provide quick access for visitors looking for a respite. The proximity makes it easy to get away for a few hours.

Outdoor enthusiasts gravitate toward the county’s many interesting destinations such as Moores Springs, Piedmont Springs, Cascade Falls, Tories Den and Hanging Rock State Park. Developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's, the park is among North Carolina’s oldest. The 7,049-acre park was named park of the year in 2012 by the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation. Hikers, rock climbers, fisherman and swimmers all find a haven here.

When you are ready to slow down a bit, stroll along the streets of Danbury and Walnut Cove and enjoy the antiques shops. Stop in at J.E. Priddy’s General Store which has been in operation for 123 years.

There’s a lot of history in these hills. Make time to see: the Moratock Iron Furnace, used to produce usable bar iron; Davis Chapel, which started as a place of worship on the James Davis Plantation in the 1700s; the 100-year-old Jessup Mill and Farm on the Dan River; the Revolutionary War-era Rock House; and hear about Germanton's beloved St. Philip's Episcopal Church which was built in 1890 and dismantled in 2012.

Our farm lies on the border of both Stokes and Forsyth Counties near the Foothills of North Carolina. We have chosen the names for our cheeses from our area's interesting destinations. Stop and enjoy our cheeses, shop in our Farm Store and get a glimpse of the goats and sheep as you enjoy a day trek to find out more about our area
Rock House

Tomme is a generic name given to an ancient mountain cheese produced in Switzerland and the French Alps. Our aged tomme-style white goat cheese is made in a circular round shape with either a red waxed rind or a thin natural edible rind.

It is a parmesan-style, hard, dry, granular sharp flavored cheese, with the scent of our cheese cave and all its good microflora (good bacteria). It is suitable for grating and makes an excellent melted cheese dish with potatoes, pasta sauces and is used over salads, soups and pizzas.
St. Philip's

Gouda, a Dutch origin cheese from Holland, is an aged white cheese made in a circular round shape with a red wax-coated exterior. It is a smooth, velvety, sweet cheese that is dense and tangy.

It is easy to slice or cube and is eaten as a snack, as a grilled cheese or melted on pizza or shredded over salad.

This gouda style cheese is also a good table cheese and compliments fresh fruit such as grapes, nuts and crusty breads.

NC State Fair Bronze 2015

Havarti, originally a Dutch origin cheese from Denmark in the 1800's, is an aged white cheese made in a circular round shape with a red wax-coated exterior. It is a smooth, creamy, sharp cheese that is dense and becomes saltier and sharper with age.

This havarti-style cheese is easy to slice or cube and is eaten as a snack, as a grilled cheese with tomato or grilled cheese with prosciutto and onion.
Raw Goat's Milk Aged Cheeses
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Limited Edition Seasonal

Drunken Goat

Jessup's Mill