Limited, small group tours focusing on dairy goats and cheesemaking.
We are first through third generation of farmers on this Piedmont land. Currently we raise and direct market meats with no added hormones and no antibiotics, which are available by the individual cut along with our goat's milk soap made with the milk from our Nubian dairy goats.

Our mission is to connect sustainable agriculture practices, our family history, and our customers by sharing the family farm experience and serving as an example of healthy land stewardship while
providing high quality ethically raised meats. We became a Grade B dairy in October, 2012 and goat's milk cheese is now available in the Farm Store. At Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, LLC you will find animals raised in their natural environment. Our cows are on pasture eating naturally occurring grass living the good life. Our goats and sheep are also on pasture where they receive supplemental feed along with naturally occurring forage for a higher milk production. Their winter hay is produced on our farm with no sprays or commercial fertilizers.

Our Farm Store, with local North Carolina products, our goat's milk cheeses, and our farmstead beef, lamb, goat, and chicken meat, is open daily (Monday - Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 1-6)! Don't forget your coolers!

We welcome small groups to the farm to talk “goats and cheese,” visit the tour page to learn more about those opportunities. An added activity in the near future will be the addition of a half-day or whole day technical tour where we will instruct small groups on cheesemaking in the dairy. Continue to check this page of our website for updated information. You can also read about previous and future events

We continue to operate as a family run farm and are available to take questions from 8AM to 9PM ONLY via the telephone (336.969.5698). Please be aware that the farm is manned 24 hours a day but we are not able to answer the telephone at all times due to our many activities. We will return calls, at our convenience, usually during lunch or evening hours between 7PM and 9PM. When telephoning, leave a brief message, with your name and phone number stated clearly. You may also email us with your questions at your convenience at

Visit North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services' website to find more farm tours and Agritourism opportunities near you.
Because of our working guard llamas and for biosecurity reasons, no one outside the farm is allowed in the pasture or in the barn with the goats, sheep or cattle. This is more for our animals protection than anything else. Our animals and their health are very important to us!

Also, no outside dogs are permitted on the farm unless they remain inside your vehicle at all times. If leaving your dog in your vehicle is not possible, please visit with us at another time.

For your pets enjoyment, Horizons Happy Hounds, is located 2 miles south of the farm at Horizons Park on Memorial Industrial School Road. This dog park is designed for dogs to legally run off leash in a 2-acre fenced area with separate lots for small and large dogs.

(CLICK) to learn more about the small group “goats and cheese” talks that we are hosting at the farm. 
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